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Tawny Owl – Londynska Elementary Foundation Fund (Pustik)

PUŠTÍK – Nadační fond ZŠ Londýnská

Tawny Owl (Pustik) was hatched at our school because we felt that although there’s a great pool of energy here, there are also some who need a little additional help sometimes. Pustik wants to help those who have asked for assistance. It could be families facing tough choices every month about how to stretch their budget and simply make ends meet. Or sometimes a family might not be able to pay for the afterschool activities, or for school lunches. Sometimes a school nature trip, or the summer school camp are beyond the family’s financial possibilities. And then their kids themselves face the disappointment of being unable to travel and hang out with their classmates.

In family life, difficult situations can sometimes arise when we need help and support from the people around us. Maybe someone gets sick, or loses a job. A refrigerator or a washing machine breaks down and we need to buy a new one … and then the money needed for school costs is suddenly gone.

And that’s when Pustik comes in to help. Parents can ask Pustik for one-off or recurring financial assistance. Pustik will then get together to discuss each request individually and decide together how best to help the family.

If you need help or know of someone in school who needs help, don’t hesitate to contact Pustik. You could either write using the form below or send an e-mail to:


Please contact us if you need more information or if you would like to support Pustik. Pustik needs broad support from you, generous donors – both individuals and companies or institutions. We simply can’t do it without the support of the parenting community and those who are willing to freely dedicate their time and energy to the activities of the foundation fund.

Thank you very much,

From the parents and staff who initiated the foundation fund and have now given it wings.


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